What is Brotox And Why Men Are Getting It.

The term Brotox became coined off the recent increase in men coming in for Botox facial injections. Botox use in men is up 258% according to a new study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Read on to find out why Brotox is here to stay.

Botox Becomes Mainstream

Both genders utilized Botox since it arrived in the early 2000’s. At that time Botox seemed reserved for the cosmetically inclined, which isn’t a traditionally “manly” trait. So men entering the clinic knew that mum’s the word. Now, the societal reproach to gender norms allows men freedom of expression. For some, that means freedom from facial expression lines in the form of a botulinum toxin.

Social Media Creates Demand

Another factor that led to the brotox revolution is social media. Apps like Tinder, Instagram and Facebook are making men more aware of how they present themselves in photos online. Because of the immediate judgment solely by appearance, it’s easy to look for flaws in selfies. Botox is a quick and easy way to improve fine lines and wrinkles that form in men more prominently than women.

It’s Diverse Range Of Use

Botox is not only used to stop wrinkles from forming. The way the drug works is it paralyzes the muscles in the area of injection. This freezing effect can do multiple things from stopping migraine headaches to healing vocal cords as John Mayer explains in a recent interview. He credits botox for saving his vocal cords during a time when he needed vocal rest due to a growth.

Whatever the reason, men are being more open about cosmetic upkeep and why shouldn’t they? They’ve caught on to preventative aging methods that increase the longevity of their overall skin health. So men – get your brotox on.

At FACES+ our Botox injections are $15 dollars a unit and Dysport injections are $5 a unit (20% when administered by our nurse injectors). Gift yourself this fathers day with a little cosmetic upkeep and call 858-453-7224.

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