Injectable Tissue Replacement and Facial Fat Grafting

Dr. Steven Cohen is one of the pioneers in the field of facial fat grafting. As one of the first surgeons in the world to combine facelift procedures with large volume fat grafting, Dr. Cohen recognized the need to restore deep and superficial fat compartment and facial volume with fat grafting. Dr. Cohen’s work along with others, helped provide the foundation for using larger volumes of fat for replacement of lost soft tissue from aging, along with the use of fat-derived stem and regenerative cells for restoring vascularity to the aging face and reversing some of the aging changes in elastin and collagen fibers, the hallmark of aging. Fat and its component cells are now routinely used by the FACES+ surgeons to replace and regenerate aging facial tissues. Dr.Cohen’s method of injecting fat into the face is called Injectable Tissue Replacement. 

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What to Expect

This procedure is done under local anesthetic so the patient is awake. Dr.Cohen will numb the areas of injection and you will feel mild to moderate discomfort during the entirety of the process.


  • Instant Restored Volume Loss

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Dr. Cohen restored my confidence and health from an earlier horrendous plastic surgery experience performed by another doctor. Dr. Cohen gave me back my confidence, trust, and satisfaction with a new standard of plastic surgery care.


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