New Year, Fresh Face: Treatments to Try in 2021

The New Year symbolizes a fresh start and an opportunity to work on a better version of you. Here are mixes of new (and tried and true) treatments that are bound to take 2021 by storm.

For Facial Slimming:

Buccal Fat Pad Removal – This mini-procedure involves removing fat from the inner cheek. This pad of fat located underneath the cheekbones adds excess volume to the lower face.

Removing the buccal fat creates a natural facial depth. In addition, the procedure is quick, easy, and scarless! Scars are hidden inside the mouth where the fat is extracted.⁠⠀

Strings – Not quite a facelift, not quite non-invasive. Strings are the new frontier of the non-surgical face contour. Common areas of application are the browbone for eye shaping and jawline to create lift.

Good candidates display slight skin laxity or (in younger patients) want to stimulate collagen in a given area. Strings dissolve in the face over time and create new collagen with their absorption in the tissue.

Liposuction – Reveal a natural bone structure with a mini-session of liposuction. Lipo goes a long way in slimming stubborn areas fast like underneath the chin.

For Youthful Eyes:

Canthopexy – This procedure tightens the lower eyelid, without cutting or detaching the tendon and muscles. It’s great for those with undereye hollows. Additionally, a canthopexy creates an almond eye effect.

For Wrinkle-Reduction:

Plasma Pen – This revolutionary non-surgical treatment uses the power of plasma energy microcurrents to zap areas of fine lines and wrinkles with unmatched precision. With a quick healing period, this treatment is a new favorite to combat wrinkles sans injections.

For Injectable Innovations:

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty – Try on rhinoplasty with this treatment done exclusively by Dr. Cohen at Faces+. Dr. Cohen sculpts the nose in 15 minutes or less in this non-surgical nose shaping procedure.

Using a blend of injectable techniques, nose irregularities are filled out creating a straight, more refined shape. It’s truly a miracle worker treatment that lasts for up to a year in some patients.

RHA Collection Filler

The same Hyaluronic Acid fillers you love with a designer twist. RHA collection fillers are like organic vegetables are to the grocery store. The filler itself is lightly processed so that the end product is as close to your natural HA as it can get. For a smooth filler that looks undetectable – it’s worth the extra cost.

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