Breast Augmentation

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Breast surgery can be one of the most rewarding ways for women to restore confidence and improve self-esteem. We treat the entire range of breast concerns; whether it be breast augmentation to simply enhance the bust line, a breast lift to correct laxity due to weight loss or breast feeding, or complex breast reconstruction, at Faces+ we create customized treatment plans for each of our patients. Not only is Dr. Cohen a careful and outstanding technical surgeon, he has also helped develop many of the latest techniques in breast surgery, including the hottest topic in breast surgery today – fat grafting.

Breast Augmentation
At Faces+ we have the full range of options for our patients seeking a traditional breast augmentation using implants. Dr. Cohen uses the latest breast implants available on the market. From saline implants, to round silicone implants, to the Sientra “gummy bear” teardrop shaped silicone implants, we have the entire gamut of options available for our patients to create beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

Known for his artistic eye and sense of beauty, Dr. Steven Cohen has been a pioneer in using fat to augment the breasts. Dr. Cohen is one of a select group of surgeons that teach a Masters Course in Fat Grafting to the Breast. We use Puregraft, the only fat processing device to have shown an increase in fat graft survival, relative to the Coleman Technique. We also use a combination of breast implants and fat grafting to create the most aesthetically pleasing results for our patients. Schedule your consultation today to find out which type of augmentation will suit you best.

• Natural results, full range of implants, 3 incisions: the inframmary fold, the axilla (armpit) and the junction of the skin and areola.
• Natural Breast augmentation with fat
• Composite breast augmentation- fat+implants
Breast Lifts (Mastopexy)
• NEW* ThermiLift and Fat Grafting
• Breast lift with fat
• Breast lift with implants

Reconstructive options
• BRAVA and Total Breast Augmentation- Modified Khoury Technique- we are one of the only centers on the West Coast dedicated to Total Breast Augmentation with Fat
• Full gamut of options for breast reconstruction, including Microsurgery

Dr. Cohen is known for his artistic eye and sense of beauty. Not only is he a careful and outstanding technical surgeon, Dr. Cohen has helped develop many of the latest and most effective techniques in breast surgery that are being used today.

Dr. Cohen’s and the FACES+ teams’ job is to educate you and help you make a beautiful and carefully thought out choice that is right for you. FACES+ sees patients from throughout San Diego, Southern California, throughout the United States as well as overseas from Latin America, Europe and Asia for their team expertise and outstanding patient care. Please contact our office for a consultation…




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